3 thoughts on “Indigestion?

  1. I see from your list of interesting things about yourself, you and I must have protested about the same war. You say you carried a camera, did you ever let the world see your photos?


    • Yes, indeed! In fact, I’ve posted some of them on the blog. Try a search (lower right corner of the blog) on “Viet Nam” and you’ll see a few of the images from that trip. Please keep in mind I was only about 14 at the time, I was a terrible photographer: no focus, no composition, exposed badly. The handful you see here are about all that was recoverable from my negatives in 1971.


      • Adam,
        Thanks, i liked the one of mother and baby, good quality, slide or print? I must be five years older, as it happened I was training to be a navigator in the merchant navy and went to Viet-Nam on a tanker, we were shelled by the Viet-cong and hit six times going up the river to Saigon, I was lucky not to be shot. Exciting at the time.


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