You Don’t Say?

I love street shooting at night. My technique, as discussed in a recent comment, is to set my shutter speed at 1/320th second and allow the camera to choose the aperture and ramp the ISO way up (to a max of 12,800). For there to be enough light at all I usually have to be in front of a brightly lit store or under a street lamp. Here are the effects of shooting this way:

  • at the high shutter speed, the motion blur is usually well controlled
  • the resulting low aperture typically means low depth of field, however
  • and the resulting high ISO means digital noise which I typically suppress in post-processing, adding some softness to the images that is only partially recovered with local sharpening
  • also, the low light often contributes to the camera not auto-focusing well or on the right point.

The combined effect of the above is to create smooth patches of color with an almost painterly effect, not always of the sharpest image quality. Looks great. Enjoy!

91st St and Columbus Avenue, New York