The White Cliffs of Dover

White Cliffs of Dover

My mother shed no light on which trip these shots of Dover were shot on. Troop ship from Germany to England? Tourist excursion? A day in Calais? I warmed up the top one considerable and I think it looks a lot more realistic but I wasn’t there so perhaps the cold greys of the bottom shot are more accurate. Here you can read the story behind these Kodachrome shots my father took in 1955-56.

The Tower

Tower of London

I wonder if the top image isn’t at Windsor but judging from the hodge-podge of slides there’s nothing to suggest a trip to Windsor so I’m assuming this is also at the Tower. See this post for the story of these slides my father shot in the 1950s. I like the bowler and brolly man in the top image and the little boy out of an Enid Blyton story in the bottom one.

Update: my mother confirms (see comments) that the top photo was indeed taken at Windsor. So I suppose I should update the post title. The Two Towers?

Guardin’ of Eden

10 Downing Street, London

Another of my father’s Kodachromes from 1955-56, when Sir Anthony Eden was Prime Minister. The only interesting thing about this shot to a contemporary audience is the fact that you could then walk down Downing Street and stand in front of the PM’s place and there were no crowds of tourists (or hecklers or well-wishers). See this post for the story of these kodachrome slide scans.