Some of you will recall I started this year with a project highlighting the human and industrial presence in the Meadowlands (you can see the start of that series from New Years Day here). Last weekend I was back at a slightly different location, the Richard DeKorte Park near Lyndhurst, NJ on the Hackensack River. We were lucky enough to get one of the first beautiful warm days of Spring. The next few posts will show my first rough cut of images from the shoot. (Click any image to see them all enlarged.)

All American

Last New York photo from my father’s collection of Kodachrome slides (story in this earlier post). This one was a real treat for me and turns out not to have been taken by my father at all and not even to have been taken in the 1950s but in the mid-1940s and not to have been taken in NYC but in Carmel, New York where my maternal grandparents had a house. It is a picture of my grandparents when still way younger than I ever knew them, in front of the house, with their friend (or cousin?) Tilly (on the left) and her dog, Mr. Chips. Above them on the porch, my mother salutes the unknown photographer (Tilly’s husband?) beside the flag. There were a few versions of this and the slides were unbelievably schmutzig, requiring so much retouching that it slowed down my computer.

Carmel, New York

Winter Wonderland

Another of my father’s Kodachrome slides in New York (read about the history of these here). This one was taken in Central Park between 1962 and ’64. That’s me coming down the hill on the sled behind what is now called the Diana Ross Playground (and was just the playground when I was little).

Central Park, New York