Mask? We Don’t Need no Steenkin’ Mask!

Special cycling edition:

79th St and Riverside Drive, New York
Riverside Drive and Park, New York
79th St and Riverside Drive, New York
78th St and Riverside Drive, New York

How We Shop Now

Above, a local restaurant window, serving take-out and delivery; below, yellow stripes for queuing outside a grocery-store and keeping an appropriate distance from the person in front and behind.

98th Street and Broadway, New York

Hurray for Essential Workers

At 7 pm New Yorkers have been going to their windows and balconies to make noise and cheer all the essential workers, medical experts and personnel, grocers, delivery-people, etc, who make life under Covid bearable, possible, even. Most evenings I can’t see where all the noise is coming from (my wife and I joke that it’s applause for our cooking as we’re usually sitting down to dinner when it happens). From my rooftop eyrie a week and a half ago I got to see it from a whole new perspective.

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Upper West Rooftops

Upper West Side, New York

Some fantastice views from a rooftop on the Upper West Side on a beautiful Spring evening. Continuing to shoot with the tele-zoom at 200mm and enjoying the distance-compressing effects. Note the people in other rooftop gardens in all of the shots.