Mask? We don’t need no steenkin’ mask: Cycling edition 3

A recent article in the NY Times pointed out that being outside and passing by quickly meant the risk of contagion from cyclists is actually pretty low. However, it didn’t seem to consider the social element – this is a time, if ever there was one, for showing some solidarity with your neighbors, for standing up and demonstrating you understand the dangers and are with us in the struggle and that you respect our safety and health enough to undergo the truly minimal inconvenience of covering your face when you’re riding by, especially since you’re unable to maintain the recommended 6 foot gap. The shots above were all taken within about an hour’s walk on May 30th. On a masked ride of my own a few weeks ago I pulled to a stop at a red light and was immediately surrounded on both sides by panting, mask-less riders within about 3 feet of me. This inconsiderateness makes me splutter with rage.

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