No Shame

I’ve been posting a series here called, Mask? We don’t need to steenkin’ mask, that in effect, called out people not wearing masks in situations where they ought to have (near me – an at-heightened-risk oldster). Despite my continued belief that all the reasons adduced in this Atlantic article for not wearing a mask don’t amount to a hill of beans compared to the public health dangers, I have to admit, if the goal is to get more people wearing masks when they should then SHAMING IS NOT EFFECTIVE so whether we agree or not, we should try the techniques here instead.

Street Portrait

95th St and West End Avenue, New York

We were walking along and we came to West End Avenue, which has been closed to cars, and this striking young woman. I asked her if I could take her portrait with the empty avenue behind her. She gave me permission, then took a picture of my picture with her phone off the back of my camera and then asked to take my picture with her phone which, of course, I assented to.