The Past Recedes, The Future Arrives

Paris Plage, France

Another favorite image of mine, taken by the Seine in the steamy summer of 2008. I have got a few versions of it where I’ve managed to coax the little girl out of the shadows a bit more (and without that pesky watermark) but couldn’t find it just now.

Madam Secretary

LaGuardia Airport, New York

Seemed appropriate for the day after Election Day, with ballots still being counted. Then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was on a flight I took to LaGuardia. I caught this snap after landing as she and her escorts were hurrying to their waiting limos. After giving permission, she asked who I was with [which newspaper] and I explained I was freelance and she was my 4th Secretary of State. She asked who else I had and I told her Elliot Richardson, Cyrus Vance and John Kerry. “All good men,” she assured me before dashing off. As you can see, I didn’t manage a high enough shutter speed to prevent some blur.