Against the War

Some old film images I shot in Washington, protesting against the Vietnam War back in 1971.

Hillary in a Blur

LaGuardia Airport, New York

Staying in the archives for now. Found myself on a plane with the then Secretary of State in February of 2009. She gave permission for a shot and chatted briefly but while we were walking briskly in not great light.

Message to the People

West 57th Street, New York

Another one from the archive – January, 2010. This one attracted attention in a show at the Terrain Gallery years ago and bears careful reading.

Blog Note

The frigid weather has meant going out a lot less and also the people one encounters when out are bundled up more (and likely wearing anti-Covid masks), meaning much less expressive. As a result, I’m out of new pictures again, so it’s back to the archives for now…

Riverside Park, New York

Taken in the summer of 2008 (and sorry about the copyright overlay) in a brief summer deluge of a shower, this has been one of my most popular images over the years.