Centre for British Photography, London

Galleries and museums, because of their preference for white walls and a kind of deluxe starkness, often provide geometric black and white still life opportunities. I’ve often photographed corners, nooks, and chairs in such places.

Centre for British Photography

The Centre for British Photography opened just last weekend so I went up to London to see it. Our course leader, Anna Fox, had one of her books featured (My Mother’s Cupboards and My Father’s Words), as well as a role in the exhibit you see upon entering, curated by Fast Forward, of which she’s the Director.

It was an interesting mix of strong conceptual work and, in the basement a more traditional set of documentary photography, The English at Home, by well known names in British photography (like Martin Parr). I was particularly taken and inspired by the Jo Spence exhibit and Heather Agyepong’s Wish You Were Here. If you’re in London it’s well worth a look.

Haiku (semi) Final

Here are some of the images from my final submission on the Pound haiku. These are the ones where I tried to illustrate the poem fairly literally:

  • The first one has 2 pictures that have a ratio of 12: 5 in width (like the 12 and 5 syllables in the 2 lines of the haiku.
  • The next 2 images go for a more classical 5, 7, 5 syllabic layout of images of the faces in the crowd and the petals on a wet black bough.
  • And the final image superimposes the apparition of the faces in the crowd over the petals on a wet black bough.

Click any image to see them all enlarged on the screen. I also submitted a bunch of other images that have already been shown here.