Art Imbricated

N Michigan Avenue, Chicago

These planters with sculptural plastic flowers in among the real flowers surrounded the base of one of Chicago’s iconic skyscrapers, the Hancock Building, if I rightly remember.

Chicago from Lake Michigan

After seeing the glass and steel architecture up close on the Chicago River, our tour boat pulled out into Lake Michigan to provide sightseers the opportunity to snap views of the skyline. Click on any of the pictures below to see them all bigger.


We went on a touristy architectural boat tour of Chicago focused mostly on the big glass and steel towers of downtown. I think because glass reflects its surroundings, it’s an easy way for an architect to say their building fits in its environment. Click on any of the images below to see them all enlarged.


N Wabash Ave, Chicago

On an initial walk downtown, I was on the lookout for backgrounds for my Word project among Chicago’s skyscrapers. I found quite a few candidates, if no winners. Click any picture below to see them all full sized (if viewing in email you may need to click the post title above first to go to the web site).


Javits Center, New York

In years past, there was a large photo expo at the Javits Center every October. This stopped with the pandemic and has not been re-instituted. One of the frequent features was camera, flash and software vendors setting up booths where hired models would pose for the overwhelmingly older male photographers to “test” the vendors’ wares. This was becoming a little difficult to justify, especially following #me_too and I seem to recall that in the last year or so of these events, models were less scantily clad, some were male, and fewer booths hosted them at all. This year, B&H hosted their own expo, Bild (German and Yiddish for picture), and I was surprised to find the models were back in force. This one was near the bathrooms where I waited while a friend was inside and I found her attire visually interesting. Alas, when I turned back for another shot, she’d been replaced by a less-well accoutred, sequin-y colleague.

Javits Center

38th St and Eleventh Avenue, New York

The day after I arrived in NY I went to B&H’s Bild event at the Javits Center and met a photographer friend of mine. While I was there, Fujifilm technicians cleaned the sensors on my X-Ts and updated my firmware. I also picked up some printing paper which is cheaper in NY than in Farnham. I was still looking for backgrounds for my Word project – this image is excerpted from the slightly more interesting one (I think), below.

38th St and Eleventh Avenue, New York