Brightwells Yard, Farnham, UK

Nothing much going on here. I was struck by the sharp shadows and the combination of modernist shapes and lines with the wood grain and plant shadows so, of course, I had to see what it would look like in a photograph.

Car Park

Farnham, UK

When the pandemic first led to lock-downs, in March of 2020, we had just started a month in an AirBnB in St Petersburg Florida and I thought all the empty parking lots were a telling sign of the times. Since then, I am always struck by the wide open expanses of empty parking lots, so well evoked by Joni Mitchell’s famous song, Big Yellow Taxi. Below are a couple more from the same walk around Farnham in early August.


South Street, Farnham

A nice thing about Farnham is there are lots of flower boxes all over. I’m no sure who maintains them, I guess the council, but there’s always a profusion of colour everywhere you go. This box is on a little bridge over the River Wey about a block or two from my flat.