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Here is my full collection of photography bookmarks. Trying to keep them organized has proved an obsessive-compulsive nightmare. Is a site an on-line journal because that’s what it calls itself? Is a blog that’s all photos in a different category from a blog that’s mostly words? Should a review site be in its own “Review Site” category or mixed in with a more general “Learning Resources” category? What if reviews are only one component of the site, but the only part I find worthwhile? Are hosting sites part of a larger category of online services or their own category? To understand the complexities, take  look at controlledvocabulary a group for figuring out keywording taxonomies (listed under “Learning & Other Resources,” below).

Then there are the quality issues. Some sites served me earlier in my immersion into digital photography but I would now consider more geared to people who want to improve their cat pictures, which is not my interest. Should they be included? What about review sites where the content is from few “unqualified” users, or sites that sometimes take a really long time to load or that haven’t been updated in a couple of years?  – The best that can be said of some is that when I first came upon them I thought I’d bookmark them for later. That said,  I have culled defunct sites and those I think were really trash. Some are geared very much for professionals, some for serious amateurs and a few even for casual snappers.

Additional Caveats:

I make no excuse for the fact that as a Minolta shooter for over 35 years, a Nikon shooter for the last year, and the owner of an HP B9180 these products probably figure more in the list than others. The choice of links below do not represent any type of endorsement by me of particular equipment, services or companies. Nor have I focused on ensuring international appeal – I live in New York and that’s where I see things from, so my apologies if many of these sites are US-oriented.


Entries marked with  are well worth a look, are recommended as excellent resources or are judged (by me) reliable.

Adam Isler


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3 thoughts on “Links & Resources”

    1. Sorry about that. It’s hard to keep up with the constantly changing web and I only update this list about once a year or so. RefurbDepot does, indeed, appear to be gone. Photoglow’s url has changed a bit and I’ve corrected it so that link should work now. I haven’t looked at any of the others – no doubt several others will require investigating or poking about and some will probably have perished in the undergrowth of the Internet jungle.


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