The Naked City

63rd St and Park Avenue, New York
63rd St and Madison Avenue, New York

The city was eerily empty for 6 in the evening (March 29th) as we drove home from the airport in a Lyft where the driver’s seat was cocooned behind thick plastic wrap.


Walking along Central Street in the Edge we noticed an interesting rock sticking up from some palm fronds – it looked like perhaps it had been carved into an animal shape. Hanging over the railing, hunting for the right angle from which to photograph it we were hailed from within a deep garden by Jazzmen who invited us to walk around the building to the back where he took us on a tour of the art park, full of scavenged odds and ends (and no trespassing signs) deposited in nooks and grottoes throughout the lush plot whose owner, Danny, it seemed we were expected to know.

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Act Up Lie In

Columbus Circle, New York

In mid-October Act Up, an HIV/AIDS activist organization, were demonstrating for the abolition of ICE, the US’s now notorious Immigration enforcement (or would it be more accurate to say their enforcement of non-immigration?) for the abuses inflicted upon would be immigrants with HIV.