Oh, What a Lovely Wall

We now return you to our regularly scheduled program…

If you’ve been following, we’ve been featuring the Kodachrome slides my father shot in England and Germany in the mid-’50s, starting with this post. We’ll take a short break from those for now and turn back to my street photography here in dear, dirty New York.

This wall, which I’ve photographed several times before, is a lovely creamy white, especially against a cloudless deep blue sky, as here. Unfortunately it’s grown more difficult as the building next to it on the corner has pulled down their always-locked, “public” garden (don’t get me started) and spent the last year and a half jack-hammering it into a monstrosity of modernist retail space with the gardens on top, mind you, so as to be available only to their residents. Such are the ills of capitalism.

W 92nd Street, New York