Beekman Hotel, New York

I had never been to the Beekman Hotel, scarcely even knew where it was, when I went with colleagues to its fabulous bar after work on the evening of December 30th.

from Wikipedia:
Temple Court Building and Annex
The Temple Court Building and Annex, at 5 Beekman Street, is a former office building in the Financial District of Manhattan, New York City. The original structure was built between 1881 and 1883, while an annex was built between 1889 and 1890 at adjoining 119-121 Nassau Street. It reopened in August 2016 as the Beekman Hotel following extensive renovations.

Getty Villa

The next day (Boxing Day), we visited the Getty Villa, modeled on ancient Roman country houses. A few snaps to give an idea of the carefully designed beauty of the place.

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Blowin’ in the Wind

The next morning we took a tour of a wind farm in the Coachella Valley. Our expert guide educated us on the history of wind farming, the Coachella Valley’s natural advantages, how windmills work and the equipment used to convert wind energy into electricity used on Southern California’s grid.

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