Flying by the Opera House

Sydney, Australia

The Opera House really is lovely and I took lots of pictures of it from many angles and in many lights. Looking back at these 5 MP jpeg images now, shot on my Dimage A-1, I’m forced to admit that most of them are not that good: noisy, ill-framed, poorly exposed.

Former Window

The Rocks, Sydney, Australia

Near the famous Sydney Opera House is a neighborhood called the Rocks. Walking about there in December , 2003 with my 5 MP Dimage A-1, I got this lovely sealed-up window.

Red Hook

In late November, 2003, a friend gave us lunch at his restaurant and walked us around Red Hook, Brooklyn. Still new to shooting jpegs, straight out of the camera with the 5 MP Dimage A-1, I took these (an many other unworthy ones) as we walked through the neighborhood. Click any one of them, to see them all enlarged.

Reflections on Reflecting

Upper West Side, New York

The balcony of the apartment building across the way, reflected in my neighbor’s window, reflected through my window, with the school next door seen through the neighbor’s window and the window on the perpendicular wall.

A New Monstrosity

91st St and Broadway, New York

Just as everyone who can afford it seems to be moving out of the city, monstrous new luxury apartment buildings are going up all over. This one, cleverly, goes up and over the nicer-looking, neighborhood-sized building it abuts.