Back to the Future

I’m all out of new pictures. Downloaded a chip from the camera last weekend and out of 30-odd images, 2 struck me as blog-worthy. Also, I’m working on a cleanup of my keyword library (very slow going) and a revamp of my commercial web-site on Zenfolio, untouched for, lo, these many years. So for now, it’s back to the archive and this image from Christmas day in Times Square in obBLOGato’s first year, 2008 (excuse the watermark it was something I was doing back then). I think I posted it under the title Harlequin Man, an allusion to the character in Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, re-imagined as a photojournalist in Apocalypse Now.

Times Square subway station, New York. December, 2008

Casual Portrait

West 97th Street, New York

They looked like they were just waiting for their portrait to be taken. So that’s what I said to them and then signaled I wanted to take their picture, raising my camera. Here’s the nice pic we got.

Street Portrait

95th St and West End Avenue, New York

We were walking along and we came to West End Avenue, which has been closed to cars, and this striking young woman. I asked her if I could take her portrait with the empty avenue behind her. She gave me permission, then took a picture of my picture with her phone off the back of my camera and then asked to take my picture with her phone which, of course, I assented to.