Broadway Portraits

Some more archival shots from April-May, 2009. WordPress is now making it very difficult to search one’s gallery going back any significant length of time – you have to scroll a few frames at a time. As you can imagine, with 3 posts a day, going back to 2009 meant scrolling back through over 14,000 images… Oy vey! Click any image to see them all enlarged.


7 Train @ Fifth Ave, New York

Another archival photo from April 2009. This fellow was sitting next to me and started by accusing me of something, said he knew what I was up to with my camera. After showing him some of my photo cards I managed to persuade him that I was not a bad guy and he proceeded to tell me about a conspiracy along the lines of pizza-gate that he had the evidence for in these bags he was carrying. He let me take this portrait of him before he exited the train.