Skate Park Graffiti

Southbank, London

I don’t know the history but there are several graffiti areas in the vicinity of Waterloo Station and the Southbank. I’ve previously shown the graffiti tunnel. I found more along the River Thames edge that had been turned into an open air, underground skate park.

Southbank, London


Javits Center, New York

In years past, there was a large photo expo at the Javits Center every October. This stopped with the pandemic and has not been re-instituted. One of the frequent features was camera, flash and software vendors setting up booths where hired models would pose for the overwhelmingly older male photographers to “test” the vendors’ wares. This was becoming a little difficult to justify, especially following #me_too and I seem to recall that in the last year or so of these events, models were less scantily clad, some were male, and fewer booths hosted them at all. This year, B&H hosted their own expo, Bild (German and Yiddish for picture), and I was surprised to find the models were back in force. This one was near the bathrooms where I waited while a friend was inside and I found her attire visually interesting. Alas, when I turned back for another shot, she’d been replaced by a less-well accoutred, sequin-y colleague.

Edinburgh Still Life

I also shot a couple of still-lifes, reflected self portraits and other items along the way. Click any of the pictures below to see them bigger (clicking into the post or post title first, if that doesn’t work).

Pl Poelaert Portraits

While we were admiring the view, I saw these 2 young men taking a selfie. Using hand signals with my rusty French, they agreed to let me take their picture. I shared my photo business card with them and the one on the right asked me to take a picture of him solo.

King Harry Ferry and Killigerran Head

The next day (24 May) we drove on to the King Harry Ferry (interestingly it’s driven across the water on a chain) and on to Porth, whence we trailed to the Killigerran Head. If viewing in email, click the post title to click into the images and see them larger.

Holywell Bay to West Pentire

From Holywell Bay we followed the Coastal Trail to Kelsey Head, Porth Joke and West Pentire and Polly Joke before completing our circuit. We saw marvelous wild flowering (a woman we met said the pink ones were sea poppies). If viewing in email, click the post title to click into the images and see them larger.


As part of a workshop in alternative cameras I took a few shots with an old Canon Powershot A570 which had it’s infrared filter removed and a piece of orange gel taped over the front of the lens. This yielded some interest color IR effects. Click any image to see them all enlarged.