A Comedy of Errors

I wanted to spend some time in the studio learning lighting skills but I was having a hard time booking studio time using the University booking app so I went in to enquire. Helpful people got me booked right away – only problem was not expecting such a speedy result, I had no subjects, so I pulled a few items out of my bag and set them up. Next problem was the sync cable for the receiver appeared to be missing from the case. I improvised, using the tiny clip-on flash that Fuji provides with the camera and which can be used to trigger another light. That worked but didn’t really allow me to use the flash meter so I improvised further with camera metering for a bit but that was a dismal failure. One of our fantastic instructors lent me a sync cable and now I was in business. However, try as I might, I couldn’t get rid of the shadows cast by the powerful studio light. I tried using a reflector but that was insufficient. I tried adding an LED panel but that didn’t do it either. So I spent some time playing around and then returned the trigger/receiver and flash meter, reporting the missing sync cable. Whereupon the helpful person in the equipment room dug deeper into the case’s side pocket and produced the “missing” cable.

More practice will be required.

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