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The last 2 weeks of May we went on holiday, walking in Dorset, Devon and Cornwall, averaging about 7 miles a day (see mileage below). I shot over 1000 frames and have been attempting to winnow through them. As a lifetime city boy, I was probably more struck and enchanted by walking through fields with various animals: cows, horses, sheep; flowers, and simple earthly beauty than someone with a more rural upbringing would have been.

So over the coming weeks I’ll be posting sets of images, attempting not to be too repetitive or cliché. But forgive me if there’s just too much pretty landscapes and calendar or postcard-type pictures. It was a remarkable experience and I’m indebted to my wife, Margaret and her good friend Marta, for organizing and arranging it, as well as for hazarding driving on the left side of the road, through endless roundabouts, and down narrow, hedgerow-bound single lanes of 2-way traffic – without them this wouldn’t have been possible.

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