Last Slide

And the final slide from my father’s collection of ancient Kodachromes (see the full story, starting here) shows my Mother in Sacramento. Based on the difference in hairstyle and glasses from other pictures in the 1964 series, I’m going to guess this was taken several years earlier, probably in the late ’50s or even earlier in the ’60s. The bird, according to cousin Fern, was called Tina and said such things as “My name is Tina,” and “Dummy up Stewart,” to my Uncle Stewart. I think that style of glasses frame is back in.

Sacramento, California


On the same 1964 trip as the last few posts, my parents stopped in San Francisco briefly (almost 9 years too late for the first reading of Ginsburg’s Howl). You can read about the story of these Kodachrome slides here.

Pine Street, San Francisco, California

Hope you’ve been noticing how many VW Beetles there have been in all these shots, stretching back to the mid-1950s…