Flying by the Opera House

Sydney, Australia

The Opera House really is lovely and I took lots of pictures of it from many angles and in many lights. Looking back at these 5 MP jpeg images now, shot on my Dimage A-1, I’m forced to admit that most of them are not that good: noisy, ill-framed, poorly exposed.

Sydney Botanical Gardens

In December of 2003 I took a business trip to Sydney, Australia for a couple of weeks. What a city! I think I could live there quite happily. Naturally, I brought along the 5 MP Dimage A-1 that I was still shooting jpegs with. Click any picture to see them all bigger.

Athena in Gotham

We went for a tramp in Central Park’s Ramble last weekend (he got away – badum-tsss).

There’s a lot of hullabaloo about the barred owls that have appeared in Central Park lately. It’s apparently pretty rare for the city to host an owl and with two people are going crazy with the need to personally see and photograph them. I managed to snap a couple shots of each that are not terribly well done (using a long lens, nearby, out-of-focus foliage obscures the birds somewhat and they refuse to look in the portraitist’s direction.