2 thoughts on “Dawn at the Triboro Bridge

  1. We are going through the same thing here. Demolishing the new bridge and building a new one, so what to name it? Doesn’t matter….people are going to call it the old name or the nickname it has. Personally, I think it’s a formality that doesn’t mean all that much except for the family it’s named after.

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  2. Well we just got a replacement for the dangerous, old Tappan Zee bridge, Tappan for the Native Americans of the area and Zee from the Dutch settlers (Zee meaning sea). The new Cuomo Bridge is named for the current governor’s father, a former governor, so not exactly without a hint of self-dealing. The Triboro, otoh, is not a replacement, and having your name on the ever-crumbling structure hardly seems like an honor for the now largely decimated Kennedy family.

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