15 Minutes

St Petersburg, Florida

No biggie to the locals, it was a change for us NYers to see these scurrying across the sidewalks and slinking through the grass and the undergrowth everywhere we walked in the neighborhood. Better than the roaches and the rats back home, I guess.

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Adam Isler


6 thoughts on “15 Minutes”

  1. We have roaches here in FL… When I moved here from NJ, I saw a spot on my apartment wall and went to wipe it off. I about died when the spot flew away. I had no idea about roaches, let alone flying roaches. Nowadays, if one gets in the house, it never leaves in one piece. My cats like to torture them to death, so I wake up with a leg here, a leg there and the roach on its back. I beat the hell out of it to make sure its dead, then have my husband seal it in a plastic bag and throw it in the outside trash. Still grosses me out.

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  2. Well, I hesitate to “like” that comment, but we discovered Florida roaches on our final day, packing. One came off a shirt hanger down my arm and I found another one scampering through my carry-on bag. Still, somehow they didn’t seem as filthy as what I remember from my student days in NYC.


    1. Yes, globally – just read an article where some team actually tracked and calculated how much cats kill globally each year and it was a phenomenal amount.


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