Covid-19 Supplies

Isolation, Upper West Side, New York

Neither in Florida, nor here in NY have we been able to find antiseptic wipes, masks (now mandatory for venturing outside) or gloves. Here, our dwindling supply of hand sanitizer.

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Adam Isler


8 thoughts on “Covid-19 Supplies”

  1. We just went to the grocery store this morning (two, in fact) and none of the supplies you mention. We wore bandanas. People wore a mix of regular face masks and makeshift. It’s nuts. Plenty of TP and paper towels, though. And shopping aisles are marked–one-way traffic only.

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    1. Yeah, we couldn’t find any of these things when we were in Florida or now that we’re back in NY. I tried to order wipes and masks from Amazon the other day and the wipes disappeared from my shopping cart while I picked other items and were no longer findable on the site. The 20 masks are coming from China and anticipated to arrive middle of next month.


  2. I have an artist friend/colleague living in Pennsylvania who is making and selling washable silk face masks (not medical professional ones, but stops airborne droplets). She is studio_lorrainecahill on Instragram if that’s any help. All the best, stay safe. Agnes x

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    1. Thanks, Agnes! In the meantime we’re improvising with bandannas and cloth napkins and I’ve only gone out once anyway, so we’re doing fine (my wife’s gone for a few runs wearing a bandanna mask and avoiding other runners).


      1. You’re welcome. Yes, it’s all very tricky at the moment. We’ve just been told it will be another three weeks of lockdown at least here in England, and then goodness knows what’s going to happen until there’s a vaccine. Very worrying. All the best, keep safe.

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  3. Bandana it is for me too… but we dont have to wear them yet – just keep our distance… and wash our hands till the skin drops off.. I also have a bottle of cologne in the car and one at home. In case of an emergency, 80% alcohol should be enough to discourage the corona beasties, I hope… A custom I remember from Turkey – when you visited someone, the first thing you got was some cologne on your hands – probably because water often could be a luxury or just cut off for the day… 😉


    1. Yes, it’s interesting to see how my fellow Americans are responding to privations not unlike those lived every day by the majority of humans but so unexpected here. Hard to distinguish between our “God-given rights” and the privileges we’re lucky to enjoy almost by accident.

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