Just went for my weekly constitutional walk in the park. It was a beautiful Spring day so lots of other people had the same idea and the park was packed, mostly with mask-wearing, sensible people maintaining, or at least attempting to maintain social distance.

However, a shocking number of people, especially young adults, runners, and cyclists, appear to have rationalized away their need to maintain social distance, wear masks at all, or anywhere other than their chins, and heaved their sweaty bodies uncomfortably close, huffing and puffing and no doubt spewing a fine micro spray my way, my ancient white hair notwithstanding. Sometime in the next week I’ll begin posting their pictures.

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Adam Isler


10 thoughts on “Covidiots”

  1. What in the heck don’t these people get??!! Our beaches opened this week. I, of course, don’t partake, but the thought process of all these people packed in…..”I live here. The beaches need to be opened.” Yeah right, buddy. You and all 1000 of your closest friends. Says this old gal…..white hair notwithstanding.


    1. People, especially younger ones, I think, just can’t comprehend the paradigm shift; for them this is a temporary inconvenience they’re impatient to have over and their moment to moment judgments are perfect rationalizations.

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  2. Oh dear that’s worrying for you. I hear similar problems from my daughter regarding the parks in London. Perhaps that’s the downside of our much valued individualism.


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