Mask? We Don’t Need no Steenkin’ Mask!

As promised about a week ago, here come a series of posts of the covidiots we saw on our walk in Central Park who are quite certain they can neither give nor receive germs and can always maintain 6 feet of separation from others (as long as we leap out of their path).

Central Park, New York

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Adam Isler


6 thoughts on “Mask? We Don’t Need no Steenkin’ Mask!”

  1. It’s pretty irksome which is why I’m posting this series. To be 100% fair I did read an article that’s been getting a lot of play, by a virologist, which suggests that if you’re outside and not too close, and not spending time in front of someone, you’re relatively safe, so I’m not sure how much direct risk this represents, but I also think that there’s an element of social signaling required here, where you’re letting those around you know you’re talking it seriously so they do too and it’s really not that hard to wear a mask or wrap some cloth over your nose and mouth…


  2. At our local Fresh Market, there is a sign out front that says all guests are required to wear masks. Breezing right past us, this weekend, was a couple our age (old!) with no masks. I guess all these people with super genes will never get the virus so why worry about a bothersome mask. Aggravating. These two girls: the young and healthy.


  3. Well , yes…in the UK we are told to be “Alert” , which lets the gov of the hook when things go wrong. These two on their bikes do not look ‘Alert’ to me!


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