No Shame

I’ve been posting a series here called, Mask? We don’t need to steenkin’ mask, that in effect, called out people not wearing masks in situations where they ought to have (near me – an at-heightened-risk oldster). Despite my continued belief that all the reasons adduced in this Atlantic article for not wearing a mask don’t amount to a hill of beans compared to the public health dangers, I have to admit, if the goal is to get more people wearing masks when they should then SHAMING IS NOT EFFECTIVE so whether we agree or not, we should try the techniques here instead.

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Adam Isler


2 thoughts on “No Shame”

  1. I get this article, but we have stores here in my town handing out masks to people who don’t have any. Either people take a mask or they storm away because they didn’t want the steenkin’ mask in the first place. As for variety, all kinds of places/people are making all kinds of masks now, and some of them are ‘really cool’ if that is someone’s goal. So he can’t see the wrinkles in their eyes when he wants to make them laugh. Then you can’t see the scorn in mine when you come right at me mask less. It still burns my hide that people think masks are a joke and Covid is a hoax. To further burn me, we’ll use of my all-time disliked expressions: We’ll agree to disagree.

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    1. Yes. Well. I think the weak point of the article is the faint suggestion that maybe there are valid reasons people don’t want to wear masks. None of those reasons is valid enough to risk the death of others. The whole politico-stupid thing is another kettle of hateful fish.

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