One day in February 2004, out of sheer boredom, I went around the apartment with the Dimage A-1, still shooting jpegs and photographed collections of things. Occasionally, I suffer a brief twinge of nostalgia for collections of stuff, in serried ranks on the wall, but mostly I’m glad they’ve all been digitized and streamed. Only the books remain, and perhaps the CDs are moldering somewhere in a box.

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Adam Isler


4 thoughts on “Collections”

  1. Some great tunes! Some years after I had moved from Jersey to down here in Florida, my mother proudly told me she’d had a huge sale (my parents retired to south FL), and sold everything–including all my vinyl. I was crushed. In hindsight, they would have only collected dust by now. But still….

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    1. I tried digitizing my vinyl. Put on the record, check levels, restart the record and hit record. Hit pause at the end of side 1, flip the record, drop the needle unpause recording. Make sure none of the kids walks too heavily across the floor. Get to the end of the B side and end recording. Now you have a single giant .WAV file. Use software to break it into 1 file per song. Convert the song files into .MP3 files. Files have no metadata on them. Add artist, song name, album name, etc. to each file. Import to iTunes. After 2 hours, I’d converted 1 Dylan album.

      I sold most of my albums to a young opera singer from Brooklyn for $1 or $2 each and got rid of the rest. Problem solved.

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      1. 2 hours…..1 album. I bought some on CD. Problem very well-solved for you. Now I see all these shops ‘bringing back’ turntables and wonder how many LPs would have warped in the great FL heat.


  2. Yes, I paid the music companies for albums for years, then bought tapes, then bought CDs of many of the same albums and then suffered the indignity of having iTunes tell me I lacked digital rights to them (early CDs lacked that feature). And they wondered why people were “stealing” music with Napster and tor…


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