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The Centre for British Photography opened just last weekend so I went up to London to see it. Our course leader, Anna Fox, had one of her books featured (My Mother’s Cupboards and My Father’s Words), as well as a role in the exhibit you see upon entering, curated by Fast Forward, of which she’s the Director.

It was an interesting mix of strong conceptual work and, in the basement a more traditional set of documentary photography, The English at Home, by well known names in British photography (like Martin Parr). I was particularly taken and inspired by the Jo Spence exhibit and Heather Agyepong’s Wish You Were Here. If you’re in London it’s well worth a look.

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  1. Of course, I Google everything. The description for “My Mother’s Cupboards and My Father’s Words” is interesting–‘An image-text narrative with a wicked twist exploring a claustrophobic relationship through a series of neat cupboard photographs together with collected cannibalistic words.
    Designed as a miniature pale pink book.’
    I didn’t expect to see ‘cannibalistic words’ and ‘miniature pale pink book’ in the same sentence.

    1. Yes, she actually showed us the book at one of her seminar/lectures. Think of the Twitter account, Sh*t My Dad Says,” (or the book, or the Shatner TV series and that will give you a sense of the “cannibalistic words” (minus the wit).

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