Inequality, continued

Last week we conducted some group tutorials on our projects. I showed various things I was working on, including some of my seesaw inequality images and explained why I was dissatisfied with them and not sure they were worth continuing. Suggestions from my group included:

  • Use Photoshop to lengthen the seesaw and dramatize better the gap between my capitalist and proletariat.
  • Re-shoot in London with skyscrapers behind – a graphic illustration of the inequality that exists there.

I’m not sure any of those is really having the desired effect but I took a stab at them in Photoshop, crudely lengthening the seesaw and then inserting a shot I had taken of skyscrapers in London last spring into the background, a couple of different ways. It was fun to play with, though still not quite as clear as what I was hoping for:

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Adam Isler


2 thoughts on “Inequality, continued”

    1. Funny you mention it. I actually have a gradient under the seesaw to darken things: the flash over lit the foreground and my capitalist was wearing bright red trainers (sneakers) with white laces that I wanted to disguise. Then in the various transformations the pictures underwent to appear on the web, they appear to have darkened further. If I continue with this you’re right – these types of issues will need to be addressed but right now I still think I’m failing the proof of concept

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