7 thoughts on “Compressed

  1. Ooops! A bit different here… The city/community decides who and how much it’ll cost and they are rather strict how you sort the stuff too – with regular checks here and there. Different companies pick up different sorts. Illegal dumping of rubbish can cost a lot in fines if they find out who did it… But people being people, of course it still happens every now and then. 🙂

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    1. We have a hodgepodge of regulations here, mostly at the local level. I’m speaking of NYC practices and commercial collection is different from consumer. We too have fines if you can take the trouble to discern rule breaking and who the actual culprit was. But in a place like New York you can rarely count on rules created with the best intentions being executed without corrupt, or at least perverse, outcomes.

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  2. With a city that has almost as big a (rather mixed ) population as the whole of Belgium (give or take a million), I can kind of imagine it must take a miracle or two to get that organized… 😀


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