Ferry Street, Niagara Falls, Ontario

Continuing along Ferry Street we came to the Drummond Hill Cemetery and the Lundy’s Lane Battlefield Park, both rather beautiful and showing off much of what we’d just learned in the History Museum. Across the street from the Cemetery, on the outskirts of the Niagara Falls Christian Ministries  and in the shadow of the Advance Inn, were these lonely straggler graves, their inscriptions wiped away by history.

Published by

Adam Isler

photographer manqué

2 thoughts on “Advance

  1. So conflicting….why did the city allow this ground to be used for commercial? Didn’t they value it enough to research and save it? ‘inscriptions wiped away by history’….. no descendants, I guess? We take the city to court here over 100-year old oak trees and these graves are just left alone…

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    1. Well, I really don’t know the answers but it strikes me the graves are probably on church property and the responsibility of the church, which also looked like it has enjoyed better times. And I doubt they have any say in how adjacent property is developed as long as it’s within zoning rules. I’m guessing the descendants of the graves’ occupants are departed and gone, or simply in no position to protest (or, perhaps, don’t even care).

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