After the llama walk we rode into Tavistock, ate a pasty on the church lawn and walked through the pannier market. If viewing in email, click the post title to click into the images and see them larger.

Elegy in a Country Churchyard

St Andrew’s Church, Farnham

It’s hard not to think of Thomas Gray’s Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard on a chilly late Autumn afternoon when you see your shadow on a tombstone. Equally hard to forget Mencken’s gloss on it: “There are no mute, inglorious Miltons, save in the hallucinations of poets. The one sound test of Milton is that he functions as a Milton.”


Ferry Street, Niagara Falls, Ontario

Continuing along Ferry Street we came to the Drummond Hill Cemetery and the Lundy’s Lane Battlefield Park, both rather beautiful and showing off much of what we’d just learned in the History Museum. Across the street from the Cemetery, on the outskirts of the Niagara Falls Christian Ministries¬† and in the shadow of the Advance Inn, were these lonely straggler graves, their inscriptions wiped away by history.