3 thoughts on “Link NYC

  1. Good photos!… but can I ask you something? Did you ask the people before shooting a photo from them? And did you ask them before blogging the photo?
In Germany there is a discussion about street photography and about intimacy. What do you think? Many greetings from Germany

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    1. Birgit – thanks for your comment and question. In this country, too there is a debate between those who believe street photography is only valid if it is truly candid (the subject doesn’t know you’re taking their picture) and those who believe it’s only worthwhile if you have engaged with the subject which adds another dimension to the image. Personally, I believe there is room for both approaches.
      From a legal perspective, while Germany forbids the publication of photos of recognizable faces without permission, US legal precedent specifically allows it for artistic and journalistic, non-commercial purposes (and the picture is taken in a public place where the subject “has no expectation of privacy.”
      In my case, I ask when I see the opportunity to do so but more often take the picture without my subjects’ knowing it, as in this example.

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      1. Thank you so much for your honest opinion and thoughts. I think its important to be sensible with blogging pictures from people….but in the same time I think that the expression of a photo changes totally when you ask people before shooting a photo from them.
        Many greetings!

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