7 thoughts on “In the Light”

  1. We still get those beautiful golden and blue hours. If you’re around the water early morning or early evening, the reflections are gorgeous. Looking forward to your photos from my adopted state.


    1. Thanks. We shall see. I’ll have to find a new way of seeing pictures, especially since there are very few people in the streets when I escape my airless work room in the evenings.


      1. I hadn’t realized that down here most everyone drives, so no subways to catch great photos. Walk when you can drive in air-conditioned comfort? Perish the thought. This could be interesting.


      2. Yeah, I’m not really seeing any but the occasional person walking their dog or carrying shopping in from the car. Last night we walked downtown and saw crowds milling at bars and outdoor restaurants but Airbnb lied to us about where we’re staying – not Downtown Arts neighborhood but Historic (meaning old) Uptown. Very pretty but it wouldn’t look different if everyone had left.


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