Tri-X Test Shot

New York

Kirk Tuck’s Visual Science Lab pointed me to an interesting site the other day, Fuji-x Weekly, who list a series of “recipes” for creating a range of particular film looks (that aren’t already included out-of-the-box in my X-series cameras). Kirk was having fun with the Tri-x 400 recipe and, since that’s the film I shot the most of for a few decades, I thought I’d at least create the recipe and store it to one of the custom banks of my XT-4. This is my first test shot after creating it. Nice tonal range. More later, perhaps…


Emerging from the Bisa Butler: Portraits exhibit into the Katonah Museum of Art garden we encountered the late afternoon sun streaming through these chairs. Clearly a photo opportunity. Click any image to see them enlarged.

The Purity of Chairs


85th Street and Columbus Avenue, New York
85th Street and Columbus Avenue, New York

I’m not sure which version I prefer. Certainly the idea of purity is better represented by the black and white version. But I really liked the play of color in the reflections on the metal chairs. I boosted the contrast and the vibrance in Lightroom before converting to B&W in Perfect B&W with the Vivid Dream preset, then masked out the B&W on the chairs and reduced the opacity of the effect somewhat, brought back to Lightroom, reduced the contrast a little and raised the clarity and applied a dark vignette. Then I made a copy, converted it to B&W and played with the clarity and contrast a bit for the B&W version.