Father and Daughter

97th St and Central Park West, New York

A father and daughter I photographed in the park 2 weekends ago and ran into again last weekend (the other picture was way better but I notice that in this one the girl is also wearing a mask.

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Adam Isler


4 thoughts on “Father and Daughter”

  1. I see way too many parents with masks, but none on the kids. I’m guessing there’s a zone closer to the ground that’s safer? Being 6’ 4”, I’ll have to keep my mask on I guess.

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    1. Yes, I’ve seen various articles about this. It depends on the kids’ age whether you can get them to wear them, how effective or necessary it is. Alarmingly there’s something new going around that’s very severe (over 80 cases in NY with 3 fatalities) among young children that may be Covid-related but not clear yet…

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      1. Kids unwilling to wear masks includes the groups of teenagers hanging out at the park. The new thing is definitely a head-scratcher. Covid just keeps us on our toes, in so many ways. And offers so many opportunities for folks to take advantage of for their existing missions of division.


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