3 thoughts on “Mask? We don’t need no steenkin’ mask: beauty edition”

  1. In my town, our mayor has mandated masks be worn. In the next town over, the people created such a ruckus that the mandate by their mayor was rescinded. It violated residents’ rights to have to wear a mask. I am so sick of hearing that. One healthcare worker vocalized having all those whose rights are being violated to sign a waiver so the medical workers will be sure not to treat them. Cause, you know, we wouldn’t want to infringe on their right to medical treatment that could have been avoided if they had worn…..the mask. It is aggravating.


  2. It is. But look for a post from me this weekend about how shaming these staunch, rights-protecting, thoughtless or moronic people doesn’t work, with a link to an article on the subject and what we learned from the HIV/aids crisis.
    It’s hard to see how the mere inconvenience or discomfort of wearing a mask for you trumps my “right” to stay alive but, evidently, that’s not an argument that’s effective.


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