8 thoughts on “Pulling the Pin on Mask-Wearing”

  1. Wish I could do that too… but they have put such ridiculously high fines on not wearing it that it just is no option… 😦 They make me feel like a muzzled dog – except that there are even no breathing openings…

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  2. I have no idea how old you are but we might be more or less the same age (?)… When that ‘stay inside’ stuff started way back in march, the township had even appointed someone to keep an eye on me en do my shopping… I thanked them politely and proceded doing my own shopping… The muzzle wasn’t a must yet then… now it is… :-/

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    1. It’s a “must” here (in NY) now too, but “must” here means a lot less than where you are – there’s virtually no enforcement. Leave NY and it’s a theological issue with many on the right feeling that being forced to wear a mask is akin to the privations of Nazism (I kid you not – that’s what they say!).

      So public health measures that are known definitively to save lives, in a country where over 150,000 people have died in the last handful of months, are viewed as unconscionable usurpations of civil liberties, comparable to the Holocaust. It beggars belief.


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