3 thoughts on “Masks are for Other People”

  1. If it is as hot there as it is here, I cannot blame him, really… 😉 I think that I’d just drop down if I had to mask myself now… We really have to chase up each molecule of oxygen that is left… :-/


    1. Yes, it was pretty hot here when I took this (perhaps 30C, or even a little more) but of course my wife and I were surviving just fine with our masks on as we encountered him. Seems to me that’s a level of discomfort I can live with if it means I can be more confident of not unintentionally passing on a potentially fatal disease to someone else. Particularly since people on their phones tend to be oblivious and wander very close to others while shouting past their devices and spewing their damp noises….
      We now have over 5,000,000 infected in this country and 160,000 dead.

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      1. At my entrance (lots of glass) > 39°C, at my desk > 30°C, Bathroom > 25°C 😀 ( Well, not exactly the place to set up my HQ :-D…. ) Didn’t check out in the street… must have been somewhere around 35°C… Today more of the same…

        You’re right, of course… That’s why I wear that rag too… I’m following the situation in the US on CNN – That bikers’ rally is going to be the next desaster area, I’m afraid… But a lot going wrong there – and also here., of course – in a different way… I really cannot see the end of it at the moment… 😦

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