4 thoughts on “Homage à Eggleston”

  1. Eggleston is considered an important figure in the history of photography, especially for his use of color at a time when it was thought to be crass and commercial and not suitable for serious art photography. The red tricycle graces the cover of his book, William Eggleston’s Guide, which I have a copy of. It’s the first thing I thought of when I finished working on the image.

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    1. We are talking about two different things here–and I am way off-base. I saw the pony sticker on the bike and Googled ‘Eggleston My Little Pony.’ And what came up was Eggleston is the name of one of the Ponies! But not really. Hunter Eggleston is the person on Pinterest who pinned the Ponies….. Anyway, I wondered how you knew about My Little Pony. Still with me? 😀

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      1. That’s pretty funny. And while I was at it I took a look at Eggleston’s tricycle picture again and discovered it was green! (With red handlebar grips.) I don’t know how I could have been carrying that false color memory around for so long…

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