Back to the Future

Not a lot going on, so it’s back to the archives for more ancient goodness.

Riverside Park, New York

One of my most popular images, it’s sold at charity auctions and been written up in exhibition reviews. My daughter (standing, 2nd from left) and 2 of her friends in a sudden summer rainstorm in Riverside Park in July 2008, and a boy who was interested in the big girls’ conversation, ponder something on the tip of a finger while the parents took shelter under an overhang and I pulled out my long zoom.

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Adam Isler


5 thoughts on “Back to the Future”

  1. Oh yes, I think she likes it still. And one of her friend’s parents bought a framed print of it at a school charity auction without knowing that it was my daughter in the picture or that her father was the photographer so she used to see it whenever she visited that friend (remember those days? visiting friends?) which I think she quite liked.

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