Future Skate-park

Study in abstract blacks and grays at this brand new skate park near the river that seems to be open even as builders continue working around it. The neighboring playground was modelled in chrome yellows and brown. Click on any of the pictures to enlarge them (you may need to click the post title above first if you’re seeing this in email).

Dr Who Casting Rejects?

Happy Warrior Playground, Manhattan, New York

Another shot from April, 2004, shot as a jpeg, straight out of the Dimage A1 but with contemporary B&W processing in Capture One.

Hot Fun in the Summertime

Sticking in the archives for now, here are another couple of low-res jpegs, shot on a family Kodak digital 2MP from the summer of 2001 (I think – the EXIF data conflicts with the date embedded in the file name).

Back to the Future

Not a lot going on, so it’s back to the archives for more ancient goodness.

Riverside Park, New York

One of my most popular images, it’s sold at charity auctions and been written up in exhibition reviews. My daughter (standing, 2nd from left) and 2 of her friends in a sudden summer rainstorm in Riverside Park in July 2008, and a boy who was interested in the big girls’ conversation, ponder something on the tip of a finger while the parents took shelter under an overhang and I pulled out my long zoom.