5 thoughts on “Colorful Day Out”

  1. May I ask you something about this colourful and cheerful photo?
    Is it allowed in America to photograph strangers in terms of data protection? And is it allowed to publish the photos? I am curious and interested to know how differently each country deals with personal rights and data protection.
    Kind regards from southern Germany.


    1. Birgit – the rules are much looser in the US than most of the EU. If the photo is not used commercially but as a work of art or journalism, and if the photographer took the picture from a public space (like the NYC subway in this case) then yes, one has pretty broad freedom to publish. If I were using this in a commercial advertisement, or had taken it in a private space, much less so. In fact, this is my wife and daughter, so no problem.

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      1. Same here in UK…provided you do not use the photo for commercial stuff or illegal stuff! you have every right to do your thing in the streets of the UK, contrary to what people often think.

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