Couple Crossing

103rd St and Broadway, New York

Blog Note

Many of you will have noticed the magenta cast to posts over the last week (and hat tips to Lois and Keith Goldstein for pointing it out). I had noticed it too but every time I checked the color settings in my camera they were all fine. I would try adjusting in post, picking a grey point but the change was so great I mistook it for a green cast and pushed things back in the wrong direction. Finally I figured it out. Even though most of these “grab” shots in the street were shout using Fuji’s excellent auto white balance, unknown to me, in a menu layer below that, the auto part had been switched to a setting of Red+8. So, I’ve just fixed the upcoming posts and now I’ll have to find the energy to go back and fix the last several days of posts after everyone’s already seen them.

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Adam Isler


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