Unmasking the Unmasked

86th St and Central Park West subway station, New York

In New York it is still required to wear masks in the subway and the buses. Whether this is scientifically indicated anymore, it feels to me like part of being a member of civil society is following the norms that have been agreed and demonstrating to your fellow citizens that, regardless of your personal risk assessment, you will show them the same respect you would hope to be accorded yourself. After all, I can’t tell by looking at you whether you’re vaccinated and boosted or a radical, anarchist anti-vaxer who poses a health risk to me and the others in this enclosed place..

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Adam Isler


5 thoughts on “Unmasking the Unmasked”

  1. So, you are back to a time when everyone is supposed to be masked, but there are always those who dare you to tell them this info. So disheartening.
    We have a plumber coming tomorrow to fix a leaky bathtub that cannot wait. Of course, they just had a Covid outbreak and test their plumbers daily and they wear masks/gloves. The mere thought of that, masked or not, makes me ill.

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    1. Even the transit police often don’t wear masks in the subway. How are you going to enforce a rule when the official “enforcers” don’t observe it? Between the pandemic and Trump, the jettisoning of social norms and civility spell a degree of lawlessness that serves as an excuse for dictatorial “law and order” leadership. But don’t get me started….

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    1. Yes, here now it’s only in medical facilities and public transportation. It seems to be strictly observed in health and medical settings but rarely in often tightly-packed public transport.


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