6 thoughts on “Photographing Ireland”

    1. We’ve never been on a group tour previously and it’s not really for us. It was, of course, very helpful to have a guide taking us to all the sites and sights, to have our hotel rooms booked and our transport arranged, but tumbling out of a giant coach with 20 others is not our preferred mode.


    1. There were quite a few Fujis, since that’s what our photographer-guide shoots and has commented on in past newsletters, but also a handful of Nikons, an Olympus, a Sony, a Leica point-n-shoot (which is really a high-priced Panasonic) and not a few iPhones.

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      1. Thanks, Adam. Another blogger I follow took his brand new Leica with him on a dream trip to Jerusalem. Don’t you know the Leica gave out after three days with no help from the company until he returned home. He used his iPhone for the rest of the trip. Guess how ticked off he was with his ‘high priced Panasonic.’ Not a happy camper at all. And the fix was not cheap.

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        1. Oh, too bad. I have heard one or two other stories like that. Unfortunately, Leicas have become Veblen goods. The joke is that only dentists can afford them. I can’t really use them. Leaving aside their cost, I can’t really see well enough to focus rangefinders, especially given I’m left-eyed rather than right-eyed.

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