Art Imbricated

N Michigan Avenue, Chicago

These planters with sculptural plastic flowers in among the real flowers surrounded the base of one of Chicago’s iconic skyscrapers, the Hancock Building, if I rightly remember.

Chicago from Lake Michigan

After seeing the glass and steel architecture up close on the Chicago River, our tour boat pulled out into Lake Michigan to provide sightseers the opportunity to snap views of the skyline. Click on any of the pictures below to see them all bigger.

September 4, 2007

I’m back in the US briefly so no new posts. Instead, I turn to the archive for photos taken in Septembers past, starting 16 years ago in September 2007. Some of the pictures that follow over the next week or so have never been shown here before, others are re-edited using newer tools and an evolved sense of how best to use them.

Indian Echo Cavern, Pennsylvania

I wonder if they will update what they call this place?

Mother Ludlum’s Cave

Mother Ludlum’s Cave, Moor Park, Farnham

I’ve already posted about Mother Ludlum’s cave on a past visit but this time we brought along our US visitors. It’s actually pretty difficult to get a good single picture that captures the exterior of the cave, the gate, and gives a sense of the interior. Here’s another stab at it.

Castle Keep

Farnham Castle

We had visitors from the US staying with us in the middle of August so we walked up to Farnham Castle again. Ever since the Magritte Museum in Brussels, I’ve been photographing sky through windows and over rooftops.

Leaving Paris

Gare du Nord, Paris

We took a bus from the area of our hotel to the Gare du Nord to catch the EuroStar back to London. Click any of the images below to see them full-sized (you may need to click the post title first if you’re viewing this in an email or on social media).