In Farnham

The ethics, if not the law, of photographing people without their knowledge in the streets strike me as being a little more suspect here than in NYC so expect to see much less of this type of work. New York’s a metropolis of 8 million, Farnham a town of under 40,000; I was born and raised in NY but I’m a newcomer to Farnham; NY offers the anonymity of scale, Farnham the pleasures of community.

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Adam Isler


2 thoughts on “In Farnham”

    1. Thanks, Paula – Yes, I’d be on perfectly firm legal ground continuing to photograph people caught unawares in the streets of Farnham, as I was in NY but, as a matter of personal ethics, I’d feel less comfortable for some of the reasons I cited in the post. Also, of course, part of my reason for enrolling in an MFA course in the first place was to find new subjects and new artistic modes – for all these reasons you can expect to see less of the kind of street photography I’ve been posting here for the last 10 or 15 years and more of something else, something new and interesting I hope.


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