Durdle Door to Lulworth Cove

Note the extremely clear Mediterranean or Caribbean waters. The kayaker in Stair Hole climbed up and hung from the top of the hole, then we progressed onward to Lulworth Cove (last 2 pictures – click any of them to see them all enlarged with captions). And see the panorama below…

I created the panorama below by stitching together 14 individual handheld shots, sweeping across the horizon. For those interested in technical details, Photoshop stitched them together, evening out changes in sky tone and filling in gaps at top and bottom like a Mercator map projection. The file is 11.5 feet wide and 17″ tall at 300 dpi! Photoshop saved it as a psb file as it wouldn’t fit in the standard .psd format and it was over 4GB. To save space I flattened the image and saved it as a TIFF but it’s still about 1.4GB. You can’t see it here, but opening it up in Photoshop you can zoom in and traverse it like an interactive gaming space. I shot several series like this over the course of the 2 week trip but the files are frankly too large to do this for every set so I’m not sure I’ll bother just for a pretty landscape.

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      1. My husband was diagnosed with emphysema two years ago, so even our walks downtown are compromised. I am, vicariously, walking with you and enjoying these breathtaking views.

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